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Application and safety of plastic seals

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Update time : 2018-03-06 14:00:37
Plastic seal is widely applied and what is its main application?
Plastic seals adopt good quality PP and PE materials with good anti-acid and anti-corrosion performance, good insulant and strong strength. There is stainless steel plate inside of hole. It is solid in locking, pull-tight structure and also easy to install. The inner plate is A3 stainless steel material with strong strength and good anti-heat and anti-corrosion performance. After locking, its strength is larger than one shape seals. Currently, plastic seals are widely applied to logistics, aviation, finance, electricity, appliance, packing, etc.
Special material and structure determines plastic seals are approved at flexibility, anti-corrosion performance, and anti-strength performance. Which is an important reason of wide application. It is one time seal, once broken, can not recover. It has unique serial number and have anti-theft performance. Therefore, safety of plastic seals is inevitable.